On an early March morning,
And quite without warning,
My wife had a brilliant notion.
To turn our Citroen van into
A bijou 4-seater bistro,
She’d run with elan and devotion.

We needed to come up with a name,
Something singularity clever, not lame,
So “La Petite Bouchee” she became,
(Or “The Little Bite”, ’cause that is the same.)

We were joined by the wonderful Neil,
Who gave dining an exceptional feel,
Our customers felt really blessed.
It’s an experience unique and unreal.
It’s awesome, fantastic, ideal,
Find it’s like, well, you’d be hard-pressed.

When you eat at La Petite Bouchee,
You are “ours” till the end of your day,
Your meal should be one you won’t forget.
The ingredients are locally sourced,
With a great deal of care and resource,
It’s all cooked to order, in calm not disorder,
For an experience you’ll never regret.
From the moment that “Neets” began cooking,
Folk of SE London all started looking,
We soon got a great reputation.
We won a Time Out Love London Award,
Michel Roux Jr. loved us, well, we were floored,
First London, next, the whole of this nation!

Our darling was then vandalised,
The three of us all cried and cried,
We boarded her up, battened each hatch,
Prepared our beautiful girl for dispatch,
Blink, and you’d find that our bird had flown,
We moved her to somewhere completely unknown.

Then thinking about it 24/7,
We decided to find our patch of heaven,
So moved lock, stock and barrel,
And all chef’s apparel,
And relocated to Witheridge, Devon.
La Petite Bouchee in a nut shell,
Her charisma makes you fall under her spell,
You can eat quietly or mingle, your tastebuds will tingle ,
Wow yourself, friends and family as well!
© Caro Field August 2017