I was so hurt when I met you that day,

I’d been battered and bruised, well, what can I say?

Without you, my world would he dark and grey.

You are essential to my DNA. 

You’re life, you’re love, you’re the Fourth of July,

of July,

You’re the best present that money could buy, 

There’s a bar to reach and you set it high,

You know me, I’ll always give it a try. 

There’s more than love in your bones, Anita-Clare, 

There’s skill, strength and passion for you to share,

And generosity you have to spare,

Try to deny it, my love, if you dare. 

We’ve both made mistakes, but they’re in the past,  

A tentative start, but our love will last, 

You are my rock and I’m holding so fast, 

If I am a schooner, you are my mast. 

I just don’t deserve you, I know that thus far,

You’re not a tea pot, you’re MY samovar,

You’re not a planet, you ARE my North Star,

You are my miracle, that’s what you are.

© Caro Field August 2017