Anita-Clare Field, you have asked me a question more than once. I have never told you before, but here’s the reason why…

A Message From The Heart
You’ve asked me more than once, I think,

Why I’m the way I am,

I feel I need to write it down for you,

Or send a telegram.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been taught

That the buck firmly stops with me;

That when Life begins to fall apart,

I shoulder full responsibility.

So when you ask repeatedly,

Why I rarely use that simple word of ‘please ‘

It’s because, till now, I’ve done my bit,

Even though its brought me to my knees.

And now I’ve found in you someone, 

Who says, “I’ll handle this,

And so I hand my role to you,

Because I trust YOU to make the fix.

And so, my darling, I declare;

Because of all you say and do,

That from the moment that I met you,

I entrusted our lives to YOU.

The maples sheltering shade.

© Caro Ness 2017

© Photo: John Duffy