In the early hours of the morning of Friday 12 May, I nearly lost my life. If it had not been for the determination of my wife, Anita-Clare Field, to get an ambulance out to me in time, the brilliance of the 3 paramedics who kept me alive until I reached hospital, and the extraordinary, dedication of the team in A&E at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, I would not be alive today. An emergency ambulance was called originally at 10.30 at night, by 2 nurses, it finally arrived at 4.30 in the morning. I was within hours of complete organ failure. So it is with profound thanks to them, that I write this poem.

Heaven For A Car
This is the Auto Graveyard,
Where cars all come to die,
Their torn and tattered metal flesh,
Is enough to make you cry.
A victim of an accident,
In which the car got bashed,
Where once the car was streamlined,
Now it just resembles trash.
Life continues round about,
It is a leafy, sylvan glade,
The irony of ‘death’ beneath
The maples sheltering shade.
© Caro Ness 2017