Time has wrought change at Obudu.

The road still winds down,

Through lush vegetation,

But where, once, 

There used to be a rutted farm track,

Today there’s a tarmac road.

And someone has built

An imposing stone portico

With the skull of one of its herd,

Long passed, hung on two wooden poles,

And a man now sits in the gatehouse,

Takes your name as you come in,

And rings ahead to announce your arrival.

What has not changed though,

 Is how my heart lifts,

As I see those mountains,

Blue, in the distance,

And I know I’m coming home…

© Caro Ness 2017

© image James Polamz King

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Nigeria https://caronessauthor.wordpress.com/2017/04/15/obudu-cattle-ranch-nigeria/ via @caronessauthor