For you, I’d face a hurricane,

I’d tolerate any kind of pain,

Because you are my fine champagne!

It seems like we’ve faced a living hell,

But we’ve survived it very well,

Because together it’s just a bagatelle!

With you, my life is quite complete,

I feel refreshed, I feel replete,

We are a force of nature that can’t be beat!

It seemed like our path was set uphill;

But we’ve braved the worst of the old treadmill, 

And we are together, and laughing still!!

This anniversary is known as leather,

And we know that we can always weather 

Anything as long as we are together 

This is just the smallest clue,

That you are both my rock and glue,

And, that darling, I love you!

© Caro Ness 2017