I began to believe I was worth nothing at all,

‘Cause your fists and your taunts made me ugly and small,

If someone I loved said I was no use at all,

How could I hope to ever stand proud, free and tall?

I explained all the bruises and endless black eyes,

I called myself clumsy, friends saw through my lies, 

But how do you rescue someone who always complies?

 Then the light finally dawns and your complicity dies.

You stepped over a line when you involved our family,

Our kids didn’t need to be dragged into your bigotry,

There’s no need to subject them to your infamy,

So I finally saw how to completely break free.

I had to acknowledge I didn’t deserve the misuse, 

I walked out one day with a flimsy excuse,

I found numerous ways to gather some proof,

That put you behind bars, for the years of abuse,

Now my kids are safe under MY roof.

© Caro Ness 2016

Image from http://www.nydailynews.com