A kick, a slap, a punch or two,

‘Ts’ not me, it’s entirely  down to you,

And the stupid things you do,

You know my words are true.
It’s not rape, ’cause I’m your man,

If I want sex, you know I can,

It’s been like that since time began,

So don’t think you should have a plan.
You know I love you to the moon,

But you want things on a silver spoon,

So make some changes and make them soon,

And start singing to my tune.
I want you to look good to men outside,

But don’t go taking me for a ride,

Talk to them, you’re crucified,

I don’t want to look undignified.
You know you’re nothing without me,

And I know you dare not disagree,

You’re lower than the bourgeoisie,

You’ll sink without me, I guarantee! 

© Caro Ness 2016