Hey! You!
I’m over here!
Watching you
From my hemisphere.

Hey! You!
Didn’t you know?
You’re predisposed
To pander to my braggadocio?

Hey! You!
The hand that feeds,
You should be ministering
To my needs!

…I’d like some chicken, tuna too,
And some “finger-lickin'” stew!
I’d like some milk and a bite of cheese,
And do I have to say a please??!!

You’ll get it for me ’cause you can,
And want to satisfy ‘your little man’
You’re so in love you just give in,
And pander to my every whim!

Hey! You!
You know I’m right!
You’ll wait on me,
Both day and night!

Hey! You!
I don’t need to budge,
Because I’m gorgeous,
– You be the judge!

# a tongue in cheek attack on all of us cat lovers and how soppy we are about our cats. And how they take advantage!