I take a pill for my MS, to try to prevent me from relapsing,

But then another one is taken so my immune system stops collapsing.

Then a third, to soothe and fortify a somewhat wayward digestion,

But they are all the size of horse pills, so I’ve trouble with ingestion!

That third one is rather acid, and tends to attack my bones,

So I take shed loads of calcium and various hormones.

Then there’s all the vitamins, A and C and D,

And ibuprofen now and then for swelling in the  knee..

The question then arises, “how much more?” one begs,

Oh, there’s a dose of quinine, for spasms in the legs,

Then my thighs are covered with strips of lidnocaine,

And that’s to get right through the day without feeling too much pain…

Some are white and some are brown and some are red and yellow,

Some are hard and oval, some appear to be made of jello.

It’s a licorice allsort smorgasbord to tackle my disease,

And though I always take them, I know there are no guarantees.

It’s known to us as pillage because my system has a riot,

In trying to stay on top of such a strange and rarefied diet!