Allow me here to interject, 

At the very least well, to suspect, 

This, to me, is a crass subject, 

It’s headdesk. 

This just adds to my frustration, 

And leads to mass exasperation, 

Aggravates the situation, 

It’s headdesk. 

Why d’you think that I’m so mad? 

It’s because everything’s so bad,

I kinda feel like I’ve been had, 

It’s headdesk. 

Why so damn gleeful, why so glib? 

Why do you feel the need to fib? 

I swear you learned it in the crib!

You’re headdesk. 

© Caro Field July 2017

Image courtesy : +alh777
David Palmer introduced me to the Kyrielle this French poetic form, which I love and have taken to heart. 

It consists of several quatrains (groups of four lines) written in an aaab aaab aaab aaab format. The “b” line in each quatrain is the refrain or repeated line that can vary slightly from stanza to stanza

Headdesk = an expression of frustration, or exasperation