The carriage clock strikes seven,  

And the whole world begins to change, 

If home was not thought of by eleven, 

Everything would rearrange,  
There’s magic afoot tonight. 

The humble pumpkin became 

An exquisite, elegant carriage, 

Mouse footmen then found fame, 

A strange, eclectic marriage, 

There’s magic afoot tonight.  
And, tell me, what of Cinders? 

She really brushed up well, 

But its the clock that truly hinders 

When caught under a sleeping spell, 

There’s magic afoot tonight. . 
The black widow weaves 

An intricate web, 

No chance act she leaves,

She wants Cinders found dead, 

There’s magic afoot tonight. 
But what she forgets, 

Is love conquers all, 

Miss Otis regrets, 

Beauty will always enthral, 

There IS magic afoot tonight. 
It takes but a kiss, 

And the spell dissolves,  

All that’s left is bliss, 

Their ;story resolves, 

There’s magic afoot tonight. 

© Caro Field July 2017