I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Who,

Sci. Fi always seemed so false and untrue,

I admit now that I did not have a clue,

It’s Quantum Physics made cool.
The latest series has had it in spades,

Shock denouements, fake masquerades,

A brilliant plot, with all kinds of shades,

It’s like being in a really challenging school!
In this one, the TARDIS came into its own,

With portals into the strange and yet known,

And a brilliant use of a videophone,

This series broke every rule.
The doctor’s about to regenerate,

To a woman? Well, we must speculate,

And a murderer, well, that’s not great,

It’s perfection, to the last molecule.

© Text Caro Ness 2016

Image: Originally posted by James Polamz King