I love this woman far, far more than I could ever say,

When I’m in her vicinity, she takes my breath away.

When I am in her presence, my heart expands within my chest,

I feel so very fortunate, that I am heaven blessed.

I need to to feel her tender touch, the joy of skin on skin, 

And when I hold her close to me, well, where do I begin? 

I love to hear her talking, she has a gorgeous voice,

Just the cadence, lilt or timbre makes my heart rejoice.

I love to hear her singing, she sings in pperfect pitch,

So every song’s a symphony, it’s neither crass nor kitsch.

But the thing that’s truly wonderful’s the beauty of her eyes,

They’re luminous, mysterious, they take you by surprise.

And the huge capacity of her very generous heart,

Her kindness and compassion really set this girl apart. 

This is my darling heart, Anita, this woman is the one;  

Because, you see, she is for me, my stars, my moon, my sun.

© Caro Ness 2017