You and I were meant to be,

I am yours, you belong to me, 

We’re as obvious as A,B, C,

Despite trauma and adversity.

You’re my soulmate, this I know,

I thought I’d lost you! Where’d you go?

We agreed to meet, so please just show,

Or my emotions will overflow.

This is the time and this the place,

I search the crowds for your sweet face,

When I see you, my heart will race,

And I will long for that first embrace.

And then, oh then, I catch a sight,

Of you, and I know that it’s all right,

I cling to you with all my might,

This world of us – our future’s bright!

You and I, from world’s apart,

Share one steady, beating heart,

So, my love, let’s make a start,

For you are my counterpart…
© Caro Ness 2017

The song is from the film,  Slumdog Millionaire

Jai Ho: A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls, featuring Nicole Shirzinger