You left me with the debris

Of a shattered world and heart,

One day we were together,

The next we were apart.

No trace of you excepting

Those things you left behind,

I find it hard accepting,

All my boundaries redefined.

No longer is there you and I,

No longer is there us,

Just pain hard to identify,

Or even to discuss.

And this, the gift I gave you, 

Just thrown upon my desk,

Now makes me feel that I must view

Our life together as grotesque.

For I don’t think that I to you

Was what you were to me,

It seems that I was passing through 

A page of your history. 

Something you have chosen to put back upon the shelf,

Leaving me to feel I no longer have a sense of self.

© Caro Ness 2016

Photo used by kind permission of +laughing waters