+ JPolamzKing suggested that I and a number of other poets provide a poem to accompany this photo, supplied by +Lynn Terry​. My poem is called The Band Played On. #poetsprompt

He held her hand,

She held his back,

But nothing went as planned,

So her touch was slack,

As the band played on….

What she felt right now,
Was a strange unease,

That overwhelmed her somehow,

In degrading degrees,

And the band played on…

When had their values changed,

Their intentions reset?

Their hopes rearranged,

 Could she forgive, forget?

As the band played on….

She had trusted him,

But he’d let her down,

Had affairs on a whim,

Chased women all over town,

And the band just played on…

Did her glasses provide

A slim disguise?

For those  tears she’d cried,

For those sad, bruised eyes?

And the band played on…

© Text Caro Ness 2016

© Image 

Photo: +Lynn Terry​