#poetsprompt Image used with permission, by +Laughing waters​​

The world beyond my window

Is unfussy,  laid-back, cool,

Palm trees blowing gently

Down by a small rock pool,

You see my home is coastal,

It is built upon the beach,

The breakers and white horses,

Are just beyond my reach.

A lounger sits there patiently,

Waiting for my  bod,

And I’ll lie there in the semi-shade,

And gently snooze or nod.

An empty bottle on the ledge,

Proves how hot it’s been,

I need a nice cold, ice cold Coke,

It’s part of my routine.

And when the shadows lengthen,

A storm lantern lights my way,

To bring me safely back inside,

At the dying of the day.

© Text  Caro Ness 2016

© Image by permission of the Google poet, +Laughing Waters