The Gin Bar
This is our bar, and it’s stocked full of gin,

When it comes to boutique ones, where do I begin?

They’re so full of flavour, it gets under your skin!

The distillers are extremely fanatical,

Of every ingredient that’s known as botanical,

To keep up I’d need to take a sabbatical!

This one from Spain has a fruity appeal,

Containing citrus, especially orange peel,

It’s like a fabulous riff on a glockenspiel!

This Scottish one has local ingredients,

I’ll drink it from choice and, yes, expedience,

And it’ll be consumed with delight not obedience!

The one made in London is incredibly pure,

So clear it is blue, almost azure!

Try it, you’ll love it, I’m sure!

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016

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