I wouldn’t want to second guess

What will happen to the NHS

If the Tories have their way

For everyone will have to pay.

Not free to each man on the street

But prerogative of ‘the elite’.

Health is something we expect

Our flesh and blood, our intellect

All of it should work with ease

Yet modern stresses bring disease.

And this legacy of 1948,

Should make us fight because it’s great.

It’s open to Tory sly assaults

Because it has its many faults

And reform’s essential, must be faced,

To eliminate all kinds of waste.

So come on people, do your bit!

To the NHS we must commit,

So speak out now, be firm, be LOUD,

The NHS should make us proud!

It’s the envy of num’rous other nations,

So save it for future generations.

© Text Caro Ness 2016