I heard on the news the other day that our current government is going to make it law that babies will have to be microchipped. They say this is a hoax but it has shades of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World! It makes my blood freeze because it will be said that this is to make us instantly identifiable in the event of an accident but it also makes us easy to keep tabs on. Humans become commodities to use and abuse by authorities that have their own agendas. Unthinkable. This is my response. 

In our future world

We’ll be microchipped,

Our thoughts dictated,

All niceties skipped.

We’ll be told what to say,

What to think and do,

Our own opinions

Will be taboo.

We’ll be at the mercy

Of the ruling power,

Who’ll monitor our actions

Hour on hour.

I fear immensely

That we’re being hurled,

Straight into Huxley’s

Brave New World….

© Text Caro Ness 2016  

 Kevin Tong: Cover Illustration for Brave New World by Aldous Huxley