My friends, I’ll tell you straight,

Be wise at the Election,

May 7th, that’s the date,

Be sure to make a good selection!

Manifestos, read them all,

And select the ones that matter,

Assess vows, both big and small,

And reject the idle chatter.
You have a privilege,

To choose a better future,

So approve a superior pledge,

A solution, not a suture.

Make a balanced choice,

With all at your disposal,

Then you can rejoice 

That you chose the right proposal.
Yes, there are times, I’m sure you know,

When you feel misgivings grow,

But through it all, when there is doubt,

You commit, and see it out,

Decide, which train you’ll ride,

And do it YOUR way!

 © Caro Ness 2015


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My Way” is a song whose lyrics were written by Paul Anka and it waa set to music based on the French song “Comme d’habitude” composed in 1967 by Claude Francois &  Jacques Revaux. My apologies to all 3 of them!