My parents bought
A beautiful farmhouse
At auction
They were lucky
Most local farmers
We’re trying to buy its land
So the house
And the land around it
Went for a song
It looked like
A perfect dolls house
And it was a dream to live in
Some visionary landscape architect
Had planted an avenue
Of line trees
Up the front drive
And scattered numerous bulbs
In the front lawn
Miniature plants
Crocus, iris, daffodil, cyclamen
The front hall
Was flagged with stone
There was a tightly wound
Spiral staircase
Climbing up at the house’s heart
And the guest bedroom
Was known as the velvet room
Because the walls
Were hung with that fabric
In a muted shade of moss green
Imagine it!
It’s the first floor
The two windows
On the left
And my room
Was the top floor
The window
On the extreme right
© Caro Ness 2015