Celebrity, celebrity,
As common as a cup of tea,
Not A or B but X, Y, Zee,
A side note in current history!

Contender on a TV show,
They have you running to and fro,
To try to make your ‘stardom’ grow,
It won’t! So it’s a body blow!

But once you get a taste of fame,
You throw yourself into the game,
Life will never be the same,
In the quest for people to know your name!

I’m afraid that what we know as a celeb,
Is often a talentless, boring pleb,
Who wants to be known as a trend- setter or Reb,
But is slave to TV or the World Wide Web!

You’re a celebrity if you can do anything,
Act, play sport, write novels, sing,
If there’s a talent or skill that you can bring,
And NOT because TV gave your name a temporary bit of zing!

So the sad thing is that now you’ll chase,
That high that is false fame’s embrace,
In order that people remember your face,
It really is current society’s disgrace!

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