How do I know when I meet someone,
That my exquisite journey has just begun,
That there’s no one on earth or under the sun,
Who makes me feel so complete.?

How do I test my intuition,
That has placed me in this extraordinarily great position,
That this is a match made in heaven, no war of attrition,
And this woman makes me feel replete?

How do I put one foot in front of another,
How do I suppress the urge to fuss or smother,
Because I know there is simply no other,
Who makes me feel so grand and upbeat?

How do I resist the need to feel,
That my world without her is sad and surreal,
That there’s just one more moment I’d gladly steal,
And run the risk of being indiscreet!

It’s with you I want to spend every day,
Showing you in every possible way,
That our love is large and it’s here to stay,
That in us, two halves of a whole simply meet.

Photo: Anna Kunst