The Russian royal family really needed an heir,
But four young princesses brought panic and a certain despair,
To Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra Romanov
Till Alexei appeared, the boy they dreamed of.
Why did your mother treat you like
young ingenues?
Was a life of seclusion the kind that you’d choose?
Carol of Romania was chosen for Olga to wed,
But the nineteen year old had other ideas instead,
He had bedded so many women in his debauched life,
Olga decided she was never consenting to be his wife.
The girls had crushes on men in the imperial guard,
But meeting suitors was extremely hard.
They ended their sad lives bayoneted and shot,
And one has to ask, precisely for what?
So they wouldn’t be martyrs, as Lenin foretold.
When they died, the oldest, Olga, was just 22,
And had had no life to speak of, this sad ingenue.

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