Smell and taste,
The two most evocative senses,
The tantalising scent of baking bread,
And I am instantly transported to my grandmother’s kitchen,
Her quick, agile hands kneading the dough,
Her soft, dulcet voice explaining the alchemy of baking to young, eager ears.
The salt, seaweed wind coming off the ocean,
And I salivate, just thinking of the first oyster my father shucked for me,
And the sweet, sharp taste explosion as it slipped down my throat.
I do not need to see the spices I eat to travel around the world in a heartbeat,
One tiny frond of coriander in my mouth,
And Thailand bursts full-throttle into my world.
Bite into an olive and I am transported,
To Provence on a sultry summer’s day,
The perfume of wild herbs in the air.
Smell and taste,
The two most evocative senses,
Because they are inextricably linked to memories,
Both good and less good,
But all brought to sharp focus in that instant of savouring, smelling,
A “soundbite” of my life.