It has been raining here for most of the day,
Walk down the pavement, you’re hit by the spray,
The skies are lowering and desperately grey,
And still the trams keep running.

I’ve been holed up here in this coffee shop,
I’ll drink my espresso to the very last drop,
Waiting for this dreary rain to stop,
Watching the trams that are running.

I’m bored of my paper, bored of my life,
I’ll squeeze some more butter on the end of my knife,
I’ll go home quite soon and kiss and cuddle my wife,
By catching one of the trams that are running.

Come to think of it, they look really cosy,
And kind of quite cheerful and sort of peachy and rosy,
I think it’s definitely time for me to just mosey,
And climb on a tram that’s running…