Who are you behind the veil?
I see a woman, ergo frail?

I see a life that’s been hard fought,
I see small successes dearly bought.
I feel the hardship, feel the pain,
That’s haunting, like a sad refrain.
I see tenacity, determination,
A lust for life, for education.
I see a fierce intelligence,
Humility and reticence.
I see a desperate sense of fortitude,
I see friendship forged in solitude.
I see a woman who has compassion,
With love to give, that does not ration.
I see hardship, I see tears,
I see innovators, pioneers.
I see hope of better things,
I see joy, and all that brings.
I see a woman of tungsten steel,
Whose strength’s immense and it is real.
I see a beauty unsurpassed,
I see a legacy that’s sure to last.
I see a woman of courage, of enterprise,
All this I see, just from these eyes.