Before you came, I was angry and sad,
I tried to be cheerful with what strength I had,
But it isn’t easy when you’ve lost all the laughter,
And you are left thinking ‘what’s coming after?’

Before you came, I’d lost my way in the dark,
No focus, no vision, no compass, no spark.
No real expectations, try as I might,
I’d lost the knack of stepping into the light.

Before you came, I was really alone,
I’d imprisoned myself in a world of my own.
Every so often, I’d reemerge,
But that was lip service to some hidden urge.

And then there you were, so beautiful, true,
The ocean of joy that is wrapped up in you.
You’re my friend and my lover, my partner, my muse,
My beginning, my ending, you’re the path that I choose.