Macgregor was really a fabulous hound,
A treasure, a pleasure to have around,
He was hairy and loyal and his ego was big,
But he was simply the cutest thingamajig!

Near our home there used to be a camel trek,
They used to exercise them on the beach on spec,
And one day we took MacGregor down to the sea,
Because it was simply his best place to be.

He considered this stretch to be his ‘turf’,
He swam in the shallows, he jumped through the surf,
But this day he came upon something unplanned,
A camel asleep with its chin on the sand.

He just took one look and raced round the back,
And attempted to mount her, a covert attack.
It was impossible, she was too tall,
And don’t tell Macgregor but he is, well, small.

So he assessed a nostril, which was just at his height,
And started a-pumping with all of his might.
The camel woke up in astonished surprise,
At the sight of the terrier humping in front of her eyes.

She lifted her head, dignity personified,
And Macgregor kept going , he was into his stride.
Her head reached a height of about three and a half feet,
And he was still going, with dangling feet.

She looked down her nose at this persistent pest,
And decided a sneeze would probably be best,
So she sneezed very loudly, this was not up her street,
And Macgregor shot backwards, landing neatly, on all four feet.

He assessed her minutely, considering if he might try again,
And quickly decided his advances would all be in vain,
He decided the nostril was now out of reach,
So nonchalantly trotted back up the beach.