My dog, Macgregor, was approaching ten,
And a cat-loathing terrier, who chased them when
My ex-husband came back from visiting a client,
Somewhat sheepish but simultaneously defiant…

It seemed that her cat, before they could neuter,
Had gone out a-courting and found her a suitor!
She was now making nests and preparing for birth,
And had gone from a tadpole to a cat of some girth!

Her kittens, so far, were all black and white,
So Malcolm figured it’d be absolutely alright,
To say that he’d have one only if it was all black,
And the moment he said so, he tried to take the words back…

She had produced one that was blacker than jet,
Not ginger, not tabby, not white or brunette,
So Malcolm came home and announced what he’d done,
And I said we’d have two, it was safer than one!

So several weeks later the kittens arrived,
And my feelings of equanimity simply nose-dived!
But there was no need to fret, worry or to agonise,
Macgregor just loved them, much to my surprise.

And the kittens discovered that they had both a mum and a dad,
Macgregor just adored them, when they were good or truly bad!
He loved them to pieces, that sweet dog of mine,
And they loved him back, even though he was canine!