You’ve written a beautiful missive,
About a proposal of marriage,
And then, how absurd, A-C changes a word,
And boy, does it do some serious damage!

Oh, I’m singing the auto-correct blues!
You won’t get the word that you choose!
Check every word, or some slur will be inferred,
Examine, dissect, yes peruse!

You’ve written a note to your mother,
Telling her how much you miss her,
Then autocorrect uses its ” intellect”,
And manages to really ‘diss’* her!

Have you heard of the autocorrect blues?
They are sure to blow your every fuse!
It injects a word that gives your loved one the bird**,
When you set out to seduce, yes, to schmooze!

You’ve written a heartfelt message,
Bearing your very soul,
Then auto-correct runs rough- shod and unchecked,
And scores a horrendous own-goal !

Oh, I’m singing the auto -correct blues,
Designed to offend and abuse,
Don’t take my word, go see what’s occurred,
And the ghastly fall-out that accrues!

Now I wouldn’t mind if auto-correct showed some sense,
When it thought to so kindly correct my letter,
But most of the time it replaces a word with one that is dense,
Often meaningless, but certainly not better!

Oh, I’m singing the auto-correct blues,
That system designed to confuse,
It is bad, it is sad, and at best, it is mad,
And it creates its own set of taboos!

* diss = speak disrespectfully to or criticise
** give someone the bird = to jeer at someone