Are you, like me, an advent calendar buff*,
Who simply cannot get enough,
Of the current ones, filled with little chocs,
It’s the ultimate smorgasbord chocolate box!
The one I have now has class and panache,
Each day brings me truffles, praline or ganache!
Or how about those of the digital kind,
That bring daily delights that are hidden behind?
An Edwardian House aka Downton Abbey,
Well none of us would find that mean or shabby!
Or how about traveling around London Town?
What a splendid way to do Christmas countdown!
They come in every shape and size,
And each one carries it’s own surprise.
When I think of the ones WE had when I was a kid,
If you gave one of those now, well God forbid!
I’m waiting for Harrods to join in the fun,
And produce one with iPhones and Xbox One!

* for American readers, don’t be alarmed, a buff is a word for an expert in the UK