A huge pile of rubbish,
Just dumped on the land,
How they think it can’t hurt it,
I don’t understand,
It’s smelly and dirty
And so clearly not good,
But this my dear reader,
Is my ‘neighbourhood’.
An unwanted present,
A rash Christmas gift,
And now my existence,
Is destined for this.
Life on the scrap heap
Is my destiny,
Unless you take pity
And come rescue me…
Come here tomorrow,
Come here even sooner,
Please bring some milk,
And a nice bowl of tuna,
You know you want me,
A nice little cat,
Who’ll turn from an alley-,
Into an aristoc(r)at!
I’ll repay you in spades,
If you give me affection,
Love you and cherish my
World free from rejection.
I’m just a small creature,
With oodles to give,
If you, in return,
Give me somewhere to live…
I don’t ask for much,
Just to not be alone,
And to have somewhere
I can truly call home.


This photo has been going the rounds on the web. The trick is to try to find the little black and white cat that is doomed to live on this rubbish heap. Good luck finding the cat and taking her/him home with you!