imagesLie back on your bed, and close your eyes,
Time to shut out the world, re-energise.
Watch your breath, yes, contemplate,
What it is to be still, then meditate.
Now the therapy begins and the sound starts to grow,
And you’re washed in pure music from your head to your toe.
A brush on a gong that reverberates,
And every bone in your body melts and disintegrates…
The melodious tone of a singing bowl,
That speaks to the mind, the heart, the soul.
A chord on marimba, some notes on the flute,
Arpeggios played on the sitar or lute.
Unaccompanied chants, a roll on a snare drum,
A tip from a rain stick so your sinews hum.
Your body is washed with a beautiful noise,
That gives you a feeling of well-being and poise,
A thrum of unique notes that creates a beautiful sound,
That is loving and giving and very profound.