There is one shop that I simply find it impossible to pass by…. it’s an Aladdin’s den, I just cannot resist it. It’s my Abercrombie & Fitch, my Christian Dior, my Aston Martin ….. oh, you get the picture… Suffice it to say, it’s magnificent….

Jewel-like items in the window,

Toys for every ‘puter geek,

Gadgets, gizmos, neat contraptions,

Just enough to snare the weak.

Talk on Face Time to a client,

Who’s working out in Timbuktu,

Marvel, as you hold your phone up,

That she’s staring back at you.

Test the latest sexy puties,

Each a feast for greedy eyes,

Try out all the plug-ins, add-ons,

Corroborate! Accessorize!

Tablets, minis, maxis, smart phones,

Cases make your mind just boggle,

Adaptors, hard drives, games for experts,

Launch your back-up, learn to toggle.

I simply cannot pass this shop,

Without YEARNING – I’m always torn,

Should I buy some house essentials?

Or settle for some techno porn?

I may pass by if I’m in company,

But I’m quite lost if I’m alone,

Can’t resist the latest tablet,

Or this year’s must-have, mobile phone.

But chances are, I’ll drag you in,

And, once in, you won’t turn back.

You’ll walk out with an Apple Air

Or the iPhone or  the Mac…..