I wannabe famous

I don’t know what for

I’m not good at much,

Just know I want more.

Know I can’t act

Know I can’t  sing

I’ve really no talent

I just want some bling.

Want a car by Ferrari

A suit by Versace

To be seen at a premiere

Or an after show party.

I’ll streak at the rugby

To get on TV

My body’s not perfect

But I will be seen.

I’ll ‘out’ you on Facebook

I’ll block you on Twitter

Won’t  play by the rules

I’ll gossip, I’ll titter.

I’ll climb into bed

With an ‘A’ list celeb

Sell my tale to the tabloids

– No avoiding my web

I’ll shaft my own sibling

To get a new ‘friend’

Don’t care who I hurt

It’s a means to an end.

I’m a girl on a mission

I don’t give a damn

Who cares who I hurt

So you know who I am.