I enjoyed my journey through the cocktail drinking world so much that I suggested to Anita-Clare that I write about some good ones to celebrate the New Year. She asked me if I might consider writing her a post on champagne cocktails to ring in 2013 in style…so here are just a few!

Slightly controversially, I have not included Bucks Fizz, or Mimosa, as it is known in France. But I believe that most of us will know that it is a combo of orange juice and fizz, in proportions to suit your palate so I am assuming you can make it with your eyes shut!



In Roman Mythology, Ambrosia was, of course, nourishment of the Gods. It is often considered to be almost synonymous with nectar, but ambrosia was the food and nectar the drink. Ambrosia was believed to be brought to Olympus by doves and bestows the gift of immortality.

1 shot Applejack/Calvados/Apple Brandy

1 shot Cognac

quarter shot Triple Sec

quarter shot lemon juice


Mix together Applejack,Triple Sec, Cognac, lemon juice.

Shake well with ice and strain into champagne flute.

Top up with champagne.

Bellini/Bombay Bellini


I know this drink featured in my last booze post, but it cannot be excluded from any list of champagne cocktail recipes because it is simply one of the most scrumptious and easiest to make for your friends!

1 peach or for Bombay Bellini,  a splah of mango nectar


Blend peach to puree and put into a champagne flute

Top up with champagne

Black Velvet


Created by the bartender at the Brooks club in London in 1861to mourn the death of Prince Albert, Queen  Victoria’s consort. The drink, rich brown in colour, with a creamy head, was supposed to mimic the ermine and black/purple armbands worn by mourners.

1/2 flute champagne

1/2 flute Guinness/stout

Put Guinness into flute

Top up with champagne

Classic Champagne Cocktail


This recipe was made by Andy Parsons on the BBC TV programme, Something for the Weekend. Movie trivia reveals that Victor Lazlo ordered this cocktail in the 1942 movie, Casablanca.

1 sugar cube

dash of bitters

20ml/three quarters fl oz cognac

enough champagne to fill the glass

Place sugar cube on spoon. Drizzle bitters over it.

Drop into bottom of champagne flute. Add cognac.

Top up with champagne and serve.



A favoured cocktail for ladies on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. Make sure you serve this drink immediately, so the fizz does not lose it’s bubbles!

2 pieces fresh pineapple

1/2 oz Cointreau

1/2 oz vodka

1 oz pineapple juice

3 oz champagne

Muddle pineapple pieces and Cointreau in bottom of mixing glass.

Add vodka and pineapple juice and stir well.

Top up with champagne.

Marilyn Monroe


Norma Jean Baker, or Marilyn Monroe, as she is more commonly known, is famous for her absolute passion for champagne, so much so, that she once bathed in it! And it is the drink that you will see her quaffing most frequently in her films…so it is no surprise that a champagne cocktail is named for her.

1 shot apple brandy/applejack

dash grenadine


Put the apple brandy and grenadine in the bottom of your glass. (If you cannot find apple brandy/applejack, mix a little apple juice with brandy.)

Add the champagne and enjoy!