This is my favourite place to be,
I’m full of fun and wizardry,
I bounce around like Zebedee*,
When I’m by the sea!

I love exploring seashore caves,
I love jumping through the waves,
Kick a football, I’ll make saves,
Oh, I just love the sea!

I love this stretch of pristine beach,
The foam-tipped rollers just out of reach,
Swimming’s something I could teach!
Oh yes, I love the sea!

I love rolling in the sand,
The instant back scrub feels quite grand,
I love strolling down the strand,
Oh yes, I love the sea!

I love to wakeboard, love to surf,
This beach is my little bit of ‘turf’,
To me it’s simply my heaven on earth!
Bless that stretch of sea!

* a character in a children’s TV programme, The Magic Roundabout, that bounced from place to place